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  • Are you licensed?
  • Are your products tested?
  • Acceptable forms of ID
    (Expired form of ID will not be accepted) Valid Drivers License, State or Tribal ID, Military ID, Passport or MCAS.
  • Do you Deliver?
    Yes, but only to Valid Montana Medical Cardholders. Delivery charge depends on distance. $60 Minimum. Call for details.
  • Do you have a Loyalty Program?
    Yes and it’s free to Join. Points system, 5% back, spend $100 before taxes get $5 off next order. (Requires valid ID and Phone number)
  • How much can I purchase? / What are the daily limits?
    1oz(28g.) Cannabis Flower 8 grams(8ml) Concentrate 800mg THC Infused Products or Edibles 1/8oz of flower is equal to: 1 gram of concentrate 100mg of infused products or edibles
  • Interested in obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card?
    LINK TO SUB-PAGE Cannabis Control Website Link
  • What are the costs associated with obtaining a card?
  • Renewing Cardholders?
  • List of Debilitating Conditions?
  • What else will I need to get signed up?
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