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Born out of necessity, Pure Remedies was founded in 2016 during a time in Montana medical cannabis where the majority of the industry was inundated by outdated and destructive practices, so we set out to change this. We take pride in creating products that connoisseurs like ourselves can appreciate and stand behind proudly.  We believe this is best achieved through sustainable growing practices and working with nature, not against it. We cultivate in a living soil medium using a biological approach to plant nutrition. This approach allows the plants to reach their full genetic potential which translates to higher quality products for the consumer.


We believe that diversity in genetics is key, especially when serving the wider cannabis community. Plant breeding is an art in itself and we use this tool to fill our menu with 5-star proprietary genetics like Agua Fresca, Lima Roja, and Ménage à Trois. When creating new cultivars (i.e. strains), we utilize varieties with a high consumer approval rating and breed those traits forward to introduce new terpene profiles and unique effects. We believe that keeping our genetics in high demand helps keep the overall effect fresh and not “watered down” so the end user gets a “Higher” quality experience. Nothing makes us happier than to know the consumer has found that one strain they’ve been looking for their entire life. 


In a world full of chaos, cannabis continues to bring communities together. We believe it can improve the quality of life and we want to help create a new era in cannabis culture that represents all people past, present, and future. We believe that the culture surrounding this plant helps keep this dream alive for so many of us! Bringing forward new genetics while maintaining a high level of quality and being conscious of sustainability creates the environment for vibrant culture and that’s what brings us joy. 


We are a small family run operation and truly appreciate the support. 


Much Love

Pure Remedies

The Team - Michael.HEIC
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